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Case study

The HUB project: transforming the work experience of 23,450 National Bank employees

In 2015, the National Bank was looking to develop a strategy to tackle three significant organizational challenges  

  • Attracting and retaining new generations 

  • Improving cross-sectoral collaboration 

  • Mobilizing employees 



Led by the Human Resources department, in collaboration with the IT teams, the project’s aim became clear: it was essential to transform the company's culture by improving the employees' work experience.


They also needed to change their collaboration reflexes to become the most engaging workplace in the country. All this by enabling employees to work from anywhere and access all the information they need to be functional from any device (computer, tablet, phone).    


To this end, we needed to help NBC:   

  • Simplify and modernize its working tools

  • Modernize its workspaces

  • Empower its employees to transform themselves and express their full potential



Triggering a profound transformation in the way people work and stimulating collaboration when only 70% of employees said they are satisfied with their work environment and tools.



  • Provide employees with access, tools, and knowledge related to new ways of working through a single, simple digital workplace portal. 

  • Facilitate collaboration in dynamic physical and digital spaces (on-site, remote and hybrid). 

  • Ensure a high level of employee buy-in.

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What we did

Start from a sound base  

Before you change for the sake of changing, we needed to agree on what needed to be adjusted! Using Design Thinking, we helped teams understand the motivations that drive them to transform. We also guided them through best practices in information co-creation, communication, remote working, and dynamic and smart workspaces. All this to enable them to make informed choices.

Develop and engage 

Once the motivations were understood, we helped NBC transform and develop their digital and physical workspaces (complete redesign of several floors of the company's headquarters).  

In concrete terms?

  • We introduced gamification, social learning, and viral marketing concepts.  

  • We got employees involved in the process, stimulating buy-in by letting employees freely explore, integrate, and disseminate the tools in their daily lives. 

  • We transformed workspaces according to the collaborative neighbourhood concept and unassigned open space.

Simplify and improve  

Once the digital tools and physical facilities were designed, adopted, and used by employees, we identified some improvements to be made, including :  

  • Simplifying the range of tools offered

  • Helping the organization manage the information overload associated with a rapid transition

Put AI to the service of employees   

To address the issues of simplification and management of information overload, we developed an AI-based virtual assistant. This assistant facilitates daily life by allowing faster access to knowledge.   

The results 

  • A unified digital and collaborative environment

  • Knowledge structured and migrated to the cloud

  • Simplified search for information thanks to the digital portal (digital workplace)

  • The end of email communication cascades 

  • A less hierarchical culture by eliminating offices for managers and executives  

  • A drastic reduction in paper printing


The project was a success with employees

90% of NBC employees signed up for the digital workplace and collaboration tools within nine months.  


100% satisfaction rate for the 1,500 employees working on the new floors 

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Ready to transform your talent experience? 

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