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About Conova

You deserve the best talent experience

Why call on Conova? 

Collaborate (for real) 

We believe in collective intelligence. To develop more effective and thoughtful solutions, you must leverage all the various areas of your company.     


Empathy leads to the best solutions. It's easy to get carried away by the process or a specific technology. At Conova, we focus on defining the experience and the steps to get there, adapting to your constraints. 

Be bold

When you’re looking to transform your business, you need to take calculated risks. That's why we create spaces to iterate, test, and refine our products to roll out proven solutions.

Let problems dictate solutions  

Symptoms aren’t problems, and complex problems rarely have a simple solution! That's why we never pick a direction in advance. Instead, we take the time to understand your organization before making recommendations.    


Put technology at the service of workers  

Technology shouldn’t only be useful. It must also be fun to use. Beyond the user experience, we offer technology solutions that are easy to integrate and pleasant to navigate. 

Who are our services for?


Support your corporate culture, coach your employees, and create a top-notch talent experience for employees and future employees. 

Internal communications

Transform your communications, simplify exchanges, and automate your workload. 


Make your company's information exchange and collaboration spaces more integrated, efficient, and secure


Navigate the possibilities of technology with ease, make informed decisions, and inspire your teams. 

Our experts

Sébastien Caron, Founder

Sébastien Caron founded Conova in 2015 to help organizations identify talent experience innovation opportunities.


His expertise covers multiple approaches, models, and techniques that guide co-innovation of strategic capabilities and support the Talent Business Experience, Cynefin, Scale Agile Framework for Entreprise (SAFE), SECI, Capability Maturity Model, and design thinking.


During his time at CGI, Loto-Quebec, and the NBC, he helped design and implement agile, innovative, and insight-driven organizations.

He was responsible for the design and implementation of various technologies, including Intelligent Portal, Enterprise Knowledge Graph, Big Data & Insight Hub, a semantic federated search engine, a personalized recommendation engine and virtual assistants. 


As a PhD student in Cognitive Computing, his expertise has been recognized through numerous awards and prizes.. 


Philippe Trempe, Research engineer in AI

Philippe Trempe, AI Research Engineer

Philippe is an AI research engineer and PhD student specializing in graph-based machine learning and natural language processing.


Over the years, he has applied AI methods to a variety of fields such as weather forecasting, health, video game agents, image stylization, music composition, and many more. His passion for the field and his desire to learn and share knowledge make him a key resource for the team.

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Ready to transform your talent experience?  

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